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Yoga Experience and Training:

Mischa first fell for yoga in 2001 while at university completing a degree in French Literature and Dance.  She loved how yoga, unlike the world of dance, cultivates an ethos of looking after yourself and those around you. 

Since completing 500 hour (Yoga Alliance Certified) teacher training with Bristol City Yoga in 2010, Mischa has continued to study with teachers from wide-ranging backgrounds and experience.  Her most recent studies are in the field of women and yoga and she recently completed a diploma in Well Woman Yoga with the Birthlight Trust.  

Yoga with Mischa:
Classes with Mischa explore and honour the tradition of breath centred practice and the ancient definition of vinyasa: to proceed step by step. These practices enable the body and mind to let go more fully whilst remaining present and open to the unanticipated.  Gentle or more dynamic moving meditations are often combined with other powerful yoga techniques such as mudra (hand gestures), mantra (chanting) or yoga nidra (yogic sleep). No matter the focus of the class, students are encouraged to honour their own bodies, moving(and modifying) accordingly and experiencing the joy of simply being.  During class you will begin to feel and find more freedom in body, mind and spirit, and have a laugh or two while you’re at it, so that by the end of the session you can take that lighter, magical feeling with you off the mat and into your life! Classes are suitable for all types of yogis, newcomers and old hands alike.
Women's Yoga: 
Drawing upon a range of practices from the worlds of Hatha and Well Woman Yoga, these classes seek to aid women's health by maintaining and supporting balance and well being on all levels (spiritual, physical and hormonal) thereby creating a safe space for transformation, healing and empowerment. Rooted in Hatha Yoga, these sessions are similar to Hatha/Hatha Flow style sessions; the difference being the focus on the feminine and the highlighting of how different practices/techniques/poses affect our female bodies.   Come and let yourself be nurtured!
Private Sessions:
Mischa is available for both 1:1 sessions and for private classes which can be tailored to you and your needs.  Your goals and expectations will be discussed and finding the balance between what is working well in your body and what needs releasing and support will be a priority.   Private classes can be a wonderful introduction to different forms of yoga as the sessions often require drawing from various traditions and techniques.


And Exhale Studio, First Floor, The Pin Mill, New Street, Charfield, GL12 8ES
Bristol City Yoga, 16 Backfields Ln, Bristol BS2 8QW
Friends Meeting House, Beckspool Rd, Bristol BS16 1NT
St John's Church Hall, Lodge Causeway, Fishponds, Bristol,BS16 3QG
The Old Rectory Clinic, High Street, Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire, BS37 9UQ

Tuesdays: £8, £7.50 concessions, Drop in £7 block price

Thursdays:£8, £7.50 concessions, Drop in £7 block price

Tuesdays at Bristol City Yoga & Thursdays at WHCF (see websites for pricing)





"I love Mischa, she's one of my fave yoga teachers, so compassionate and gentle, unpretentious, like other Yogis;). She's soft and gorgeous- her Hatha style is beautiful and slow and she differentiates well for OAPs and the disabled. She caters in every learner. When I leave Mischa's class, I leave feeling refreshed and parts of my body (particularly the shoulders) are open."

"Mischa is brilliant. She leads the classes with humour and charm and whenever I get to go I feel like my reset button has been hit for the week. She takes a personal interest in everyone and explains everything clearly and concisely. Having done other yoga classes at various gyms I really do find that the Let Go Yoga sessions with Mischa leave me feeling both mentally and physically calm and strong." 

"Fabulous yoga! Mischa is a great teacher I always feel grounded, connected and so much better in myself when I come away. Gentle yet challenging, engaging and educational."

“…I’m in my 70s and this course is keeping me flexible”

"I love the way that Mischa brings something new to the class each week. It's such an inspirational, wonderful, sparkly journey."


"Mischa is a wonderful teacher, her classes are inclusive and fun. They are never boring as she often changes the content, somehow catering for relative newbies like myself to the more experienced individuals. She has a deep knowledge of the subject but it never feels like school as the theory always compliments the practical. Just excellent."

“…I can’t do all the exercises because of my shoulder, but the tutor always offers me alternatives to try”

"As an unfit newbie to yoga I have found Mischa to be patient, gentle and encouraging. She also changes things every week so you don't get bored."

"The classes start off gently and gradually get stronger and when you think you can't do anymore its over and time to relax for some mindfulness and reflection."


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